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John Petrocelli, NYC Hypnotist

Certified Hypnotist and
Director of the NYC Hypnosis Center, LLC
139 Fulton Street - Suite 1012
New York, NY 10038

Director of Training / Society of Applied Hypnosis

212 964-4450

The NYC Hypnosis Center

Located conveniently in NYC's Financial District
A - C - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 subways stop literally at the door
Fulton / Nassau St. Station

Description of Practice: 


President / Executive Director - The Society of Applied Hypnosis
Director of The NYC Hypnosis Center, LLC.

A.C.H.E. Certified - The American Council of Hypnotist Examiners
The National Guild of Hypnotists - Certified Hypnotist
The Banyan Hypnosis Center - Certified in 5-PATH Hypnotherapy
The Silva Method - Certified Silva2000 Lecturer
NY Hypnosis Institute - (Barry Seedman, Phd) - Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
The Achievment Center - (George Bien, Phd) - Certified Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist
Doug O'Brien & Associates - Certified Ericksonian Hypnotherapist

The Society of Applied Hypnosis - Certified Hypnotist - Mark Cunningham

John's first exposure to hypnosis was at the tender age of nine while viewing the movie - Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein - and becoming fascinated with the power of Count Dracula, who with just a 'flip of his wrist' and a 'glance of his eye', made Lou  Costello move like a marionette puppet.

"I took my newly acquired shoe shine kit that I received for my 9th birthday down to the local train station, shined several people's socks and took the five dollars in change I received and mailed in for Melvin Powers classic book, 'How to Hypnotize People'. "  Of course I didn't really know how to hypnotize anyone, but my dad would point out his crazy kid running out of the bathroom with a bath towel draped like a cape, holding up the hypnosis book to everyone within sight and shouting "Sleep!"

When I left college stressed and burnt out from going through a full time curriculum while holding a full time job and holding office:  President of Student Government and Student Representative on the Board of Trustees, I studied and trained in an intensive program called 'The Silva Method' and in the 5 years I lectured for the Silva Organization, over 10,000 graduates were certified in the basic 4 day class with me.

Recently I organized the largest hypnosis study intensive and practice group in the world called the 'Somnambulistic Sleepwalkers' intent on giving hypnotists hands-on practice and training in the myriad of powerful hypnotherapuetic techniques that are available but knowledgeable in execution by only handful of trained hypnotherapists..

It wasn't until until I stumbled on Gil Boyne and Gerald Kein's training that I found a system which summed up exactly what I had been looking for all along - an extremely powerful, systematic and therapeutic approach to hypnotherapy which took up were most other hypnotists left off.

"I can't tell you how much hypnosis has helped me in my own life!  I have been using the techniques in my own life for 20 years. When the World Trade incident occurred on 9/11, I was standing in front of the towers, walking to work.  I spent the following months living  with an incredible amount of stress.  My apartment is located 10 blocks in front of the WTC.  The Forgiveness techniques which are incorporated into the 5-PATH system turned me around almost overnight from a walking zombie who was suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), back to my old self."

Our new center is located in the downtown area of NYC.  Drop in and visit us.  Learn how this powerful technology known as the 5-PATH system can turn your life around!

John Petrocelli

Location of Practice: - New York City - Tribeca / Soho location

New York Hypnosis Center, LLC
139 Fulton Street - Suite 1012
New York, NY 10038

The NYC Hypnosis Center LLC

Serving NYC's need for qualified hypnotherapists and hypnotists 24 hours
a day - late night and weekend appointments are available by reservation only.
Our hypnotists and hypnotherapists are all NGH and 5-Path Certified.

  212 964-4450

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The New York Hypnosis Center
Somnambulistic Sleepwalkers Hypnosis Study Intensive
The New York Hypnosis Society

*** Note: All medical or emotionally diagnosed
conditions require your health care provider or
doctor's written permission and referral !!!